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We are a team of creatives committed to capturing award-winning imagery that exemplifies the spirit of authenticity and beauty. We love capturing images that are honest and true. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable, have fun, be yourself, and perhaps forget that we're even there.

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Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors, but the weddings? The weddings are still pretty as can be. That will never change. We will always be here to report the latest stunning soiree for you. And when the end of the week comes, we will have one more shot of love to send you away into your weekend. This week, it comes from Hawaii by way of Anna Kim Photography, and it is one super gorgeous engagement shoot.


Learn to play like a child

You put a child in any situation and they’ll figure out a way to play, it’s what they’re born to do. Think of all the things we can accomplish if we could just harness the power of children. Come rain, snow, or shine, my time with this little guy is always a blast! Child + Puddles = FUN!! Always! Robert Sexton once wrote, “…the passage of time is measured only by the richness of the memories we share.” I can’t think of a better way to say it but I know...


Aspiring Model – Cydney

Incredibly talented and aspiring model, Cydney…  I have no doubt her career is about to propel to crazy new heights!  Would love to share it all but these are just a handful of favorites.  Thanks Cyd for stopping the streets of Grandview, it was a blast working with you!!


Impromptu mini bridal fashion with Kilynd

A few weeks ago while volunteering for Flashes of Hope at Flying Horse Farms I met Kilynd and this is what happened. After spending the day photographing some really incredible kids at the camp we took advantage of some free time and got some really cool shots of Kilynd. She’s wearing a...


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